We emphasize five spokes of prophetic company that contribute to community. Though many contributions are shared across the five spokes, each one has a primary focus that they are building into the overall culture.

1. Team Members

Encouragement- Team members speak strength, courage, and comfort through foundational prophetic ministry.


2. Prophetic Coaches

Accountability- Coaches provide real-time application of protocol and values for prophetic teams and individuals in training.


3. Seers and Mystics

Perspective- Seers and mystics provide helpful insights on what is happening in the spirit realm.

4. Prophets

Direction- Prophets help guide through delivering, judging and processing prophetic words.

5. Presbyters

Mobilization- Presbyters commission leaders and help individuals walk out prophetic identity and destiny.

For more on prophetic structure read Dan McCollam’s book  Prophetic Company.